At 17 months

The last time I wrote a 'Sachins new tricks' post, he was 9 months. Wow, time flies. Reading that back it's so hard to remember the time when he seemed so big. And in retrospect he seems so wee. So here's a little insight into our life now, with/as a toddler.

These days, the conversations between Sachin and I are becoming much more two way. He has started asking questions. ALL THE TIME. A few weeks ago, he started pointing wildly at various things around him and suddenly came out with, 'Whats 'at?'
After months of us saying this to him (and answering the question too), he has turned the tables. I started by answering with exactly with it was he was pointing at. A few weeks into this game, and he still asks, even when he knows what he's pointing at. So now, in answer to this question I'll say, 'I don't know, what is that?' and he'll often reply with the correct answer.

We've now progressed on to other sentences too, 'What's this?', 'Who's that?' 'Who's there?'. His use of the th sound is still coming, so it becomes 'whas is?' and 'whos at?', but it's still very clear what he's saying.

Sachin: (Playing with the bedroom door, opening and closing it)
Me: Knock knock.
Sachin: Who's there?
Me: Shocked Face. He'd never said that before!

We also have other basic, two way conversations. His favourite goes like this -

M: Where's X, Sachin? (X can be me, or Nana or a toy, as long as he can't see them.)
S: X gone.
M: Gone where?
S: Hidy! (Hiding)

Then he goes hunting around for them. It's my favourite.

He has so many words now it's hard to keep track. The repetition is something he loves. He loves to hear the names for things, and having a go at saying them. Some words he can say brilliantly, and others not so much (but they are the cutest!)

Words that are clearly spoken:
Mummy, Daddy, Nana, Emma (Aunty), Baby, Hello, Hiya, Bye-Bye, Go, Gone, Boo, Nice, Car, Tedted (favourite teddy) Teddy, Jojo (toy), Ball, Bucket, Pea, Cheese, Eye, Hair, Toe, Heart, Circle, Star, Tickle, Up, Down, No, Turtle, Door, Bubble, Pop, Ta (thank you), Key, Apple, Kettle, He, Box, Tea, Purple, More

His own versions of words:
Noe (nose), Mou (mouth), Getti (spaghetti), Asta (pasta), Soon (spoon), Kni (knife),  Gaga (grandma), Titang (triangle), Outsi (outside), Ba (bath), Cumber (cucumber), cookie (cooking), Bickit (biscuit), Hidy (hiding), Carra (carrot), Bo (boat), Cugar (colour), Boo (blue), Gee (green), Uto (he says this all the time and we are clueless as to what it means!)

The best word though is - Nomnomnom. This is basicaly an all encompassing term for food! If you say, 'Sachin, are you hungry?' He often just replies with 'Nomnomnom'. Likewise, if he's eating, and approves, he'll normally say, 'Nomnomnom niiiice.' Honestly, it kills me with cuteness.

Learning the word no was a big deal for him. He is starting to grasp that not only can Mummy and Daddy say it, but he can too. The last week or so, if you're trying to do something he has no interest in, he'll say 'No', accompanied by a wagging finger, in this tiny stubborn voice. Pout implied!

His very favourite thing in the whole world, are circles. He loves to say the word and draw them, and is a little bit obsessed about it. He grabs crayons and paper anytime he can, and will shove the pen in your hand and bark 'Circle!'. He's started to draw them himself too, but still loves to watch you draw them. We taught him other shapes in the hope that he'd spread his shape love around. He can correctly identify circles, triangles, squares, stars and triangles from drawings. He's just started this week, to learn colours.
He still loves his books. He knows what two are called by sight, and requests them. He loves being read too.
At least once a day, he'll run into our bedroom, and you'll hear a little giggle while he waits for you to follow. There he can be found, sprawled out on our bed, waiting for us to jump in.
His hair is no longer a mohawk. Instead it's a bit crazy round the edges. Bed head at it's finest! I have no idea how to cut a toddlers hair. Tips?!
One of my favourite things to do, is to give him noodles and watch him go. He loves them too.
He loves to choose an object, say 'Ha! (hat) and then put it on his head. This is normally followed by 'Mummy/Daddy/Emma/Nana ha!' And we have to wear it too.
Bath time is the best. He would play for hours in there if I let him. I love getting in too, before he gets too big to share a bath with Mummy.
And I mentioned how beautiful he is too, right?
As every new month/week/day passes, we insist to each other, 'This is my favourite age!' Don't get me wrong, toddlers are hard work. Along with the new independence and personality, comes he own ideas about things. His own thoughts on what he wants to do and doesn't want to do. If you're not on the same page, let the screaming commence. He likes to test you, and somedays, if you were to eavesdrop into our house, all you would hear is 'Sachin, no!' When I hear M or my Mum saying this to him repetedly, it's comical. When I'm the one saying it, not so much.
But watching him become this person, it's amazing. So yeah, 17 months is my favourite age!


  1. this made me teary! i miss you both loads xx

  2. He's impressively verbal! And you can really see the both of you, in him. :)

  3. He is gorgeous, those huge eyes. He'll be grateful for those when he's older, I imagine they'll get him out of lots of trouble. And he sounds amazing. Loved this post.

  4. He is so adorable - and a very bright little boy too by the sound of it.

  5. If we ever have babies they will have blue eyes (if my knowledge of GCSE biology still stands) but these babies with such beautiful big brown eyes are killing me with the cute.

  6. Aw, I love this post. He is SO verbal! It's like reading a glimpse into what T will be like in a few months for me and so exciting!

    Can't wait to see you both again when you're feeling better. x

  7. beautiful baby! and touching blog.

    love it... I'm following!

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  8. Aw how beautiful he is! Sounds like he's very intelligent too!