A very Bergen Birthday

Last week, it was my birthday. My husband suggested a getaway. Just the two of us.

We flew to Bergen.

Why Bergen? Well partly due to Astrid's gorgeous photos, partly because I've always want to visit Norway, partly because we've been listening to the Steig Larsson books (there is logic there, promise) and partly because, why the hell not?

Getting up at 4.40am for our flight, I almost thought we's made the wrong decision. Maybe staying in bed would have been better? Three days in bed instead of Norway? But it's hard to be a grumpy cow when you look out of the plane window and see this:

We got to Bergen having done our research. The weather, they said, is changeable. And wet. We were prepared. Within 10 minutes of landing, there was a massive hail storm. Then sleet. Then rain. Then snow. They weren't kidding!
As part of our research, we also discovered that Norway is EXPENSIVE. I feel the need to bold this, and let it be a warning. I live in London, which should be bad enough... But really, raid that piggy bank before you leave. We did it as cheaply as possible. Here's how:
1) Get cheap flights. And enjoy the delusion of those flights making it a bargain getaway.
2) Stay in an apartment. This means you can make packed lunches/have somewhere to drink alcohol from the supermarket/hide from the pretty stuff you want to buy.

(Me, in apartment)

3) Actually make packed lunches and breakfast, every day.We lived off of a bag of cinnamon rolls.
4) Plan one night out for dinner, somewhere really good, with yummy food.

( I can highly reccommend Jacobs. Lovely food, awesome staff, free sake and orange wine!)

5) Savour the time you spend in cafes. (Kaffemisjonen  is a lovely one). Order a hot chocolate and a piece of cake (to share, of course) and make it last as long as you possibly can.

(Mmm. Cake.)

Bergen is beautiful. It's compact and pretty, and quiet in Winter. It's very hilly though, so take some shoes you can walk in. A note here - the women of Bergen have the most stylish winter footwear I have ever seen (barely an Ugg in sight). If I went back, I'd rob a bank first so I could buy me some good boots.

(View of Bryygen)
We took the funicular to the top of Mount Floyen, where there is a stunning view of the city. You can also walk back down, through meandering footpaths with breathtaking views. Takes about an hour (when snowy) - do it!

(The views from Mount Floyen)

The old part of Bergen, Bryggen, is full of brightly coloured woden building that overlook the water. We sat in a small cafe here, and just watch the weather roll over whilst eating a cinnamon roll. YUM.

I'd also recommend the Norway in a Nutshell tour. It takes you out of the city, and to the fjords of Norway. In winter, it was stunning. Everything as frozen and white and just beautiful. In summer it's meant to be pretty spectacular too.

(The fjords and mountains in all their glory)
So yeah. My love affair with Norway is well and truly lit of fire. Who knows, maybe one day I'll win the lottery and manage to go back....


  1. Your photos are stunning! Norway sounds amazing and looks kind of magic too. So glad you had a wonderful time and it was a lovely birthday break. Now I just want to hop on a (cheap) flight and go there!

  2. These photos are just stunning. Really makes me want to go there.

  3. Holy WOW, those photos are amazing! Norway, here I come!

  4. So fun to see Bergen through your eyes :-) The weather... well, you got it all, didn't you?! The weekend you were here were extra bad.

  5. my goodness - your photos are so delicious I feel like i've just been on a mini-mini-break. gorgeous. (and happy very belated birthday to you!!!)

  6. My bro & sis went to Norway together just after Christmas. Their report was like yours: beautiful, but EXPENSIVE. (Their photos weren't so gorgeous, of course.)

  7. I am loving those pictures, Bergen looks super nice and I want to visit very, very soon :)
    I will start to save some money right away :)
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina