In a world of pure imagination

One of the things I love watching develop in Sachin, is his play. When I was 19, I did work experience with a Play Specialist in the pediatric unit of a hospital. The idea is to use play as a therapy for children who are having a difficult time. In that case, it was children who were ill. It was fascinating. From the use of teddies to show how different operations worked, to drawing as art therapy. In hindsight it's something I could definately have gone on to do career wise (after that I spent the summer teaching kids photography at an American summer camp), but life took me in a different direction.

With Sachin, I love how his play is changing. From his basic looking at objects, eating them, moving them around, to the involvement of a new toy. His imagination. He started pretending about a month ago. He picked up my Mum's glasses case and pretended it was a car. Moving it around, crashing it into something, 'uh-oh!', then 'beep beep!'.

Ages ago (probably when I was pregnant) I found Made by Joel. I love the way he encourages his kids to use their imagination through simple paper crafts. His designs are just so damn cool too. Sach has just started to love anything with wheels, so I thought I'd print out some of Joels Paper City. To be honest, I thought they'd be too small and well, plain for Sachin right now. His toys are bright and big, and easy for little fingers. But to my surprise, he grabbed them straight from the printer and squealed with excitement, 'Bus! Bike! Ba! (van)'.

So I cut them out, stuck down a road and skyscraper print out, and let him play...
 He loved them. He named the little man Daddy and little woman Mummy. He moved the pieces around the table, proclaiming beep beep and uh oh when they crashed. He was in heaven for a good 30 minutes, which for this toddler means he was pretty much in love.

So thanks Joel, from a very happy toddler.


  1. Those designs are so cool, and such a lovely, creative idea. Sachin is so smart. And he is rocking that sweater vest! ADORABLE! Miss you both xx

  2. They are amazing, thank you for the tip I'm definitely going to check them out!

  3. Great little designs, im loving the little people. I cant wait to check them out for my little girl.