22 months

At this age, we have discovered that Sachin is a little reflector of us in some ways. Most notably, the phrases that he likes to say over and over. You realise that after all this time of talking, talking, talking to him, it all went in.

His absolute favourite phrases are:

Um... I know! - I laugh nearly every time he says this, and then ask him what he knows. 'Pobably' (probably), he replies.
See you again soon! - I didn't even realise we say this.
Mummy/Daddy help you! - for when he needs help with something.
Oooooh...did it! - when he's done something difficult/that he's proud of.
Happy Daddy day! - Left over from fathers day, he still likes to say it every other day. At least.
Show Mummy/Daddy - whatever he's built or found or is proud of.

(I'm afraid all of those exclamation points are necessary - everything is said with such flourish)

The kid loves to talk. All the time. He loves to roll the words around in his mouth, laying in bed talking to himself, singing to himself too (this kills me with how cute it is) until he falls asleep. He can now sing three nursery rhymes all the way through. His singing voice is the best.

When we're out, he introduces himself to people. 'Name Sashin', he says, pointing to himself. He then points to whoever he's with, and introduces them. This is my family, he's saying.

Of course the words he can't quite say properly are the best. My absolute favourite, and one that will be forever etched into my memory, is COCKODEVIL (crocodile). Amazing. He can't pronounce L yet, and so in that common toddler way, he pronounces it Y. Yeyyow (yellow) and Yiyon (Lion). Nogurt (yogurt) is another favourite.

For an absolute bizarre and unknown reason he calls ants 'ittle panfers'. He lies on the ground, sees them coming and shouts with excitement, 'ittle panfers!'

He likes to talk on the phone. He used to just listen, but now he'll answer questions. He'll tell you what he's doing, or who he's with.

The most amazing development really, is his ability to state his opinion and more and more, tell us what he's feeling. He now says 'Sachi tired'. If you ask him what he wants to eat, he thinks about it, and then tells you. It is normally something that involves cheese. Or pasta.

He has also started to say no.

In the shower the other morning:
Me - 'Is it getting cold in there?
Sachin - es (yes)
Me - Shall we get out then?
Sachi - No!

We give him a choice about as much as possible, which (I think) helps him feel like he is making his own decisions, not that we are always telling him what to do. He chooses what he wears, and tries to dress himself as much as he can. He loves dressing up it turns out, and will put on one thing, run to the mirror, look at himself with a smile before declaring 'pretty!' or "handsome!' He especially loves anything of mine that is sparkly.

He is using more sophisticated language all the time, joining more words together. He just pulled off his longest sentence to date, pointing and declaring 'Daddy's shoes are over there!' He is also starting to talk about himself in the first person. 'I'm hungry', he said yesterday.

22 months really is my favourite age.


  1. A lovely post. Great you've documented all this stuff. He'll love to read it when he's older too.

    22 months is a great age but you just wait until he's two! Yes there have been a few 'Terrible Twos' moments but all in all I've been having a fantastic time with my daughter as a two year old!

    P.S. He's a very handsome young man isn't he! That photo is lovely!

  2. LOVE this. This mispronunciations are the best. COCKODEVIL! :D And ittle panfers, that is amazing. Talia has always called a trampoline an "achich" - our only theory is that she might be imitating the sound it makes...?

    Talia says butterby and labibird, which make my heart melt. She also pronounces -ing endings more like -um so "Mummy sleepum" etc. which is really hard not to adopt, it's so adorable.

    If you ask Talia if she's tired (and she is) she says "bed". It's so lovely when they can start expressing opinions and preferences, isn't it? It totally spun me out when Talia stopped expressing agreement with repetition ("are you hungry?" "hungy!") and started saying "yes". I was like "woah, you're a person!"

    I think Talia's longest sentence so far was also her bossiest: "Daddy get it NOW, yog(hurt)."

    Thank you for sharing him with us. I totally love these posts!

  3. Look at those beautiful big eyes...he's simply divine!

    Ingrid x

  4. just found you from a comment you left over at salt, teak & fog... so glad i clicked!

    this post is so cute...
    i think your guy and my guy (22 months also!) would get along famously!