Let There Be Light

I've struggled through this Winter. The grey skies have been too relentless, varying in shades from stormy to pure white, but mostly that dull smoky grey that holds no light and no promise of anything better.

Then one day, the sky opens up again. All of a sudden the sun comes and brings with it blue skies that only happen in the colder months; not the deep, summer blue that makes you feel warm from just seeing it, but the crisp, pastel hue that leaves you in no doubt - Spring is coming. We're not at the stage where this is an everyday occurance yet, which seems slightly cruel. The house is momentarily full of small pools of light, warm and inviting. If we had a cat, she would seek them out and make them hers. Yesterday, I sought them. I padded around a quiet house, catching the light and memorising it for those days when the grey is all too present.


  1. i just hope the blue sky becomes more frequent in its occurence--i am sick of the grey.