Saturday was a weird day (I'm writing about it separately it as it's a big mess of feelings that need to be untangled and sifted through), but at the end of it, there was this.

I'd been wanting to do it all winter, to come and see the starlings at sunset. But illness and cold and general moaning about the aforementioned by everyone meant it hadn't happened yet. On Saturday though, I needed it. The only way to get out of the house was to let Sach wear his PJ's under his many winter layers. Husband wrapped up Arla so that she resembled a baby eskimo. I grabbed my camera and we all headed to the beach. And it happened like it always does; as soon as I see the sea, I am lifted. This city soothes my soul in a way no place else ever has.

The blues of the ocean and the biting wind and the magic of nature, reminding me to take a moment out of my head and BREATHE. Sach and I stood mesmerised on the side of the pier. The Starlings danced for us, near and far, swooping below and above in the most beautiful formations, before finally taking shelter underneath us.

Our first murmuration was pretty spectacular.


  1. amazing
    very nice pics, really love this pics

  2. fantastic..