In the spirit of making myself accountable, here is my shizz to get done in 2016, in no particular order -

  • Win a game of Chess
I have very simple chess skills. The 6 year old and I are learning at the same time, and I'm not going to lie, the amount of forward thinking involved is a challenge for me. But as long as I can stay calm as the kid check mates me over and over and try and learn from it, I figure I'm growing as a person. Also, I. Must. Learn. To. Win.

  • Use more gifs
For someone who loves to live on the Internet and has started to actually have thoughts in emoji, gifs are the natural progression. Yet this is a skill that requires time and an extensive gif collection. (But look, I already started!)

  • More photos of friends

After my 2015 round up I realised how thin on the ground photographs of my friends were. My friends kids? Check. And whilst I love their kids, my friends are the coolest mothers around. And yes, after a night out I may have 207 drunken, blurry eyed group shots, but some of us in the light of day would be nice too. So, shoot grown ups is going on the list.

  • Write more
Ironic that this is the one that needs no more words. Not right now, at least.

  • Kayak in the sea
This was something I planned to do last year; I've wanted to do it since moving to the sea. But something has been happening over the past 6/7 months. A fear of my physical self almost, a crises of confidence in my ability to use my body. I noticed it happening, from a distance, not quite knowing what to do about it. Then earlier this month it got to to the point where I was actually paralysed when wanting to do a simple workout. I realized I was feeling actual fear when it came to following though and I thought WHAT THE FUCK WHY CAN'T I DO THIS...and so I'm working on it. I'm moving more and being kinder to myself, a day at a time. If I accomplish this kayak, it will be a Big Thing For me.

  • Read in abundance, mostly female authors 
And not just on the internet. I'm always moaning how I never have enough time to read, but actually if I stopped fannying around on the internet and watched less Netflix, it's totally do-able. I've read 1.5 books so far this year, and have joined an awesome book club focusing on Women's Lives. Nailing it. (Too soon to congratulate myself?)

  • Get my ear pierced
A treat to myself, from me.

  • Do stuff alone
I jokingly reffered to this as 'dating myself' (is that a Sex and The City reference?) at which my husband rolled his eyes. But seriously. I am never alone. Plus I'm smart and fun and have excellent taste in food. Why wouldn't I want to date myself? I have a 19 month old and a 6 year old and most days I don't get to do a wee in peace let alone anything fun. Imagine the utter FREEDOM of taking myself out to lunch! Or the cinema! Or to a pub to drink a glass of wine and read a book! Arrrrrghhhhjjhhj.

So there we go. Feel free to ask me how these things are going. You can sound all casual about it but I'll know that really you're saying 'you'd better be sticking to those goalz dude'. TIA.

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