Previously, on 'The Internet' #4

My Twitter bio states: Reading the internet since 2001. NO SPOLIERS. Based on a joke (ok, not really) about what I'm currently reading, which is always and forever, the internet. I'm about 50% done guys! Previously, on 'The Internet', is a weekly listicle of what I eyeballed. Down to business.

  •  LOL is the new full stop. This makes total sense to me, as someone who I often uses *thinking emoji* instead of '?'. ' If you study language or linguistics then it must be a very exciting time right now - people developing language via abreviations and emoji in a really interesting way, the likes of which can't have been seen in our culture for a while. Lisa of Amid Priviidge wrote a great post about emojis infiltrating our lives, and the comment section was so interesting to someone who just sees them as new words. *sparkle heart*
  • This piece on our somewhat antiquated views on kids and screens and tech is excellent. I am the owner of a 6 year old who is obsessed with Words with Friends and any and all Minion games. I've been starting to feel less guilty about this recently - he plays Words With Friends with his Dad when he is at work or commuting, and this connection they have even when Daddy isn't at home is an important and added layer to their relationship. Plus it's healthy competition and S is constantly adding to his language and his spelling is pretty damn amazing. We ask Siri about dinosaurs and FaceTime with family; I've just downloaded a coding game because he asked me if he could make his own app. The todler can get into Netflix and find Peppa Pig, which I'm not so excited about....With tech becoming ever more prominent in our lives, discovering ways in which it can work for us rather than resorting to guilt and grinding against it at should probably be the real goal. 
“The laptop play we’ve stumbled on feels right. It’s not passive, mesmerised, isolated TV watching. Instead, it’s a shared experience that involves lots of imagination, physically running around the house (screeching with laughter, no less!), and mixing up story-worlds, the real world, and play.”
  • Oh man, I loved this so much. The crazy romance of falling hard for a new friend is a very special thing. In a totally non weirdo stalker way.
"But new friendship, often totally left out of the public conversation, is a way to feel continually alive, nervous, when seen again for the first time. While my oldest friends know who I’ve been, my new friends help me understand who I’m becoming. Even a small comment can feel enlightening, “Well, you’re so good at that…” I am? Oh, I didn’t used to be?It’s fun to have new mirrors to look into, new chemistry to experience, new stories to hear. I’m so grateful to keep swooning."
“All your selfish little concerns mean nothing next to the grandeur of the universe,” says Kaku. “Awe gives you an existential shock. You realize that you are hardwired to be a little selfish, but you are also dependent on something bigger than yourself. Einstein was a tremendous influence on us because he was a messenger from the stars. We look at the stars and think, ‘My problems are so trivial compared to the majesty of the night sky.’”
  • I follow Esther Perel on Twitter after watching her Ted talk 'The Secret to desire in a long term relationships' and her book, 'Mating in Captivity' is on my to read list. Here she has a few date night tips for parents, which actually shifted my thinking a little and made me decide to change a night out we had planned to a day date, because, why date at the end of the day when you've spent it dealing with kids and changing nappies and cooking all the meals? Related; a love story to make you cry, three ways to look at Marriage, and why your partner telling you they get where you're coming from is such a big deal.
  • Meanwhile, offline... hardly anything has happened. We have just come out of our two weeks of surgery quarantine, YESSSSSSS! so life can resume. We did made this cake (I suggest filling with whipped cream instead), I escaped and ate out at my favourite place with one of my favourite people (GO BRIGHTONIANS GO), I drank this, we're currently eagerly awaiting our dinosaur egg to hatch, I caught up on Nashville and the kids tentatively played with friends at the park whilst I gossiped with friends. Plus, I think Spring arrived?!


  1. So much good stuff here this week! Thank you! Loving the links on marriage especially.

    1. Oh thank you! I liked that 3 views of marriage piece... The moral factor was especially interesting. I'd just been saying how I've felt myself really trying to be a better communicator (when I' not just shouting out emojis) and that aspect of self improvement within marriage.. It's the first time I'd really thought about it iykwim.

  2. Oh thank you so much! I love making an appearance in the land of your Internet! And if you've not seen the preview for the new episode of Nashville, get ready. Looks like it's going to be the cheesiest wedding ever! Hooray!

    1. You're a staple in my internet land Lisa! I'm not that far yet... Have just had the death, a hair cut and rehab - a wedding sounds about right.

  3. LALALALALALA IM NOT LISTENING (I'm is far behind)

    I can't wait to read all of your links this week, apparently I have to move house first though.