Pink Cupcakes


At the moment, hubs and I are feeling very sleep deprived. Little S hasn't slept through the night for almost 3 weeks, bar one night when he was zonked out with a fever. Last night was better with just 10 mins of awakeness at 4am. Hubs went straight back to sleep, and I just laid there, mind whirring, until 6.30 when I finally dropped off.

Despite the overwhelming tiredness, I decided yesterday that I would make cupcakes for some friends who were coming over today. I haven't baked properly in the longest time. I was too bloody lazy when pregnant and now I have the excuse of a 5 month old. But yesterday, the cupcake liners came out, and so did the pink colouring. It all went horribly wrong when the food dye went everywhere and made the kitchen look like a crime scene. In fact I still have a slightly pink foot  now.. But it was sooo worth it. Sugar fix ahoy!

Recipe can be found here - from The Humming Bird Bakery


  1. these look amazing! please please tell me where you got the pink icing and those liners, are these Wilton? Thanks :)

  2. those cupcakes are beautiful!! your photography is so so wonderful.

  3. At first I thought you'd bought them because they look so amazing, but then when I read you had made them, my jaw dropped! Wow. Tips, techniques any advice gratefully received! And hope little S gives you a few more quiet nights.

  4. Helena - Thank you! The icing is from the recipe linked. It's honestly the best icing ever. I just added a few drops of pink colouring to make them all girly. The liners are from here:

    Ann Marie - Thank you so much! Your photography is exquisite so I really do take that as a compliment.

    Marie - Aww thanks! Hmm tips.. Well if you buy an icing bag then you can make just about anything look half decent ;) Oh, and put them on a pretty plate, always helps! The best recipes I've used are here:

    And little S did sleep through last night, horray!

  5. those are absolutely gorgeous! and the cupcakeblog link is now going to occupy my entire friday afternoon i should think.

    thanks for your comment on my blog. I've been visiting your lovely and thoroughly beautiful blog (via Marie) since pre-wedding, so it's well overdue that I de-lurk myself and comment here!

  6. those look amazing!!
    i'm definitely going to have to give that recipe a try!

    you have a lovely blog!

  7. These look amazing. I wish I wasn't such a horrible baker.

  8. Im impressed with how neat your icing is! Im sure even without sleep deprivation I could not hold my hand steady enough to get the icing so neat!

  9. Yum! What more could you ask of a sleep deprived mommy? :)