9 months and 3 weeks

* You wake up every morning, without fail, in the happiest mood I know. Daddy and I hear you chat, and sing and clap your hands. Sometimes we race in to be the one who sees you first. Sometimes it's a bit harder to get ourselves out of bed...

* You love to chat all day now. Lots of new noises, but mostly dadada, mamama or bababa. Whenever there's a new sound, it's very exciting. Dididi is your latest.

* You love to explore everything. Crawling is old hat now, and you've taken to pulling yourself up and taking tiny, unsteady steps whilst holding on to things. It's amazing to see you challenge yourself as you work out co-ordination and balance.

* You love your reflection (almost as much as Daddy loves his). You chat away to the baby, and often kiss him too.

* Clapping is a big thing for you. Since that day you woke up with this new ability, you just can't stop. You're starting to wave more too, although sometimes get the two mixed up!

* You love to eat. You haven't yet met a food, or object for that matter, that you don't love munching. You're happiest when you can hold your food, and especially happy if Mummy is feeding you at the same time.

* Your hair is still growing in a mowhawk. We have no idea why it only grows down the center of your head. We love to make it sticky-upy when you have a bath.

* Bath time is lots of fun. You love to splash and swim around, chewing Mrs Duck the rubber duck. Your new trick is to pull the plug out, which often means short baths!

* You sleep on your tummy now, and mostly end up in a star shape, arms out wide. Daddy and I sneak in and check on you every night. We look at each other and share a look that says ' Can you believe how lucky we are?' We can't.


  1. that's very, very sweet writing- gorgeous mohawk too!

  2. awwww very lovely post!

    (so broody now!)

  3. so gorgeous!

    ( ps. i think our babies would be fast friends if you lived in Portland! )


  4. This is so lovely! My sister and I have photos of us in the bath wih our hair sticking straight up too, must be a baby thing?

  5. What a lovely post and beautiful photos!

    My husband and I do the same thing every night. We always go in together to check little one is OK and have a hug as we are amazed at just how lucky we are and how perfect our little girl is.

  6. This is a beautiful post and I love the photos of your smiley happy boy. Always makes me happy to see such a grin :D

  7. Gorgeous post, gorgeous boy. (Made me want a boy, which is weird because it could have been about a boy or a girl!?)

    I'm a little bit jealous... will Talia ever wake up happy and chat and sing to herself? (We're back to 5am starts here!)