London Bucket List - Columbia Road Market

When we realised we would be leaving London, we decided to make a list of all the places to see again before we left. Mostly the list was filled with our favourite places, but there were also a few things we had just never got around to doing. Everyone does this right? You just never do the touristy things so much when you live somewhere, because you think it will always be there (and you're *so* not a tourist, anyway).

One of the places which we have been meaning to visit, for um, the past 6 years, was Columbia Road Flower Market. M and I have a history with Columbia Road. Early on in our relationship, M decided to take me there. We got up early one Sunday morning, all excited at the prospect of flowers, food, sunshine. M had it all mapped out. We jumped off the tube, only to have arrived in a dodgy part of London, on a completely different, utterly random, Columbia Road. It was pretty hilarious in a way it can only be hilarious when you haven't been going out that long. This time, we mapped it out a bit better and arrived safely...

{treats from Treacle}

{treasures at Vintage Heaven}
{Black Forest cupcake from Kooky Bakes}

 {retro sweets from A.Gold}
May I reccommend:

  • Columbia Road Flower MarketGet there a bit later, in time for brunch say, and save buying flowers until the end. By closing time everything is greatly reduced and bargains abound. I got 4 gorgeous hydrangeas for £10 which are still going strong a few months later.
  • Vintage Heaven: Exactly what it says on the tin. A gorgeous shop of vinatge treasure, with teacups and books and cakestands galore. There is also a little cafe at the back called Cakehole. Need I say more?
  • Treacle: This shop is on Columbia Road (behind the flower stalls) and is just perfect. Cool little homewares (mugs in particular) and the yummiest little cupcakes around.
  • Ryantown: Rob Ryan has his studio here and if you are a fan (who isn't?) then it's a must visit.

From Columbia Road the walk down to Brick Lane, which is full of some of the best sights, sounds and smells in London, is super quick. It's a must if only for a visit to...

  • Biegel Bake: The BEST BAGELS EVER. I'm not even kidding. There will be a line of people, and those who have been before will be buying by the dozen.

There is a massive indoor market in Brick Lane on a Sunday called (up)market inside the Truman Brewery, full of fashion, art, food. It reminds me of Portobello. there you can find..

  • Kooky Bakes: Okay, so this list is very food orientated, but, um, yeah. Kooky Bakes make the most delicious baked goods ever. If we were getting married again, there is no way that paying them a LOT of money to make lots of cakes could not be an option. M had the Signature Slice which was to die for, and I had the Black Forest cake which was YUM.
From Brick lane you may as well continue on to Spitalfields, which has a big covered market, with more commercial places to eat and shop too.

  • A.Gold: They describe themselves as a village shop in the city, which is exactly what it is. Selling sweets, and groceries, delicious cheeses, beer and sandwiches. And oh so pretty too.


  1. Columbia Road is one of those places I never made it to either. Really must do it one day! Your food choices and pictures have just made it so much higher on the must do list too.

  2. this definitely looks like a place not to miss!

  3. When you move to THE NORTH will you bring me some of those black forest cupcakes? Pretty please? They look YUM.

  4. Your pictures always make me want lick my screen. Delicious.

  5. Ditto agirl.

    And I'll be bookmarking all your bucket list locations for when I (eventually) visit London. ;)

    PS - love the little redesign you've done!

  6. Cute redesign.

    Oh I need to do more London stuff.

  7. Cute redesign.

    Oh I need to do more London stuff.

  8. Loving the new look and seeing your beautiful photos. I'd missed them, even though I have three hanging in my bedroom.
    You always take the place you live for granted. It is good to play tourist especially when you have insider local knowledge.

  9. beautiful images!!! i really wish i could go there!

  10. I've always wanted to go here!

    (and that black forest cupckae looks yummy!)