Last Thursday

You know how they say 'Don't leave your child alone for a second'? It's true. Because in the space of that minute it just took you to go to the toilet, your child will have just found a bottle of nail varnish you didn't know you had, manage to open it, and pour it ALL OVER HIMSELF. He was fresh from the bath, might I add.

If you ever do find yourself in this situation though, I can prepare you with the following:

Do not panic and put him in the bath. Nail varnish hardens in water.
It will take you at least an hour to clean said child.
You will need something strong to drink after.
When you next see a bottle of nail varnish, even days after the event, you will have traumatic flashbacks.

He's fine by the way. And I can almost laugh about it now...

(Some of you may find the most disturbing thing about this post the fact that we don't currently own a corkscrew. I almost agree.)


  1. Oh. My. God.

    How do they do it?

    Hope you finally managed to get your hands on a stiff drink!

  2. Oh my. You poor things. Note to self hide all nail varnish.

    (I may have giggled a little!)

  3. Holy moly. Poor you! And now I know what to get you as a housewarming present!

    (How do you get these screen shots of your phone, btw? Sad Luddite that I am, I can't figure it out.)

  4. My sister in law heard nephew saying uhoh, uhoh. Went through and he had the cleaning spray pointed into his mouth. It was locked so he couldn't spray anything but still how to give mum a heart attack. She put him straight into the pram and went to buy a cupboard lock.

    Don't think I'd have known where to begin. Well done you for figuring out how to clean him.

    Corkscrew on the shopping list I think.

  5. Oh my gosh, how traumatising! For you both! My first instinct would've been to get out the remover, but that would've made him doubly high. And it's probably terrible for skin & hair; & probably toxic in general.

    You totally deserve a stiff drink after that. Be sure to torment him with this when he's older. ;)

  6. Thanks guys, kids eh?!

    Agirl - Ha, a corkscrew or nail varnish remover?!

    On an iphone, you press the home button and the powers button once quickly at the same time. It should make a little camera click noise and save to your photo folder.

    Spare Thoughts - Oh god. Worst nightmare. It's amazing we keep so many kids alive really.

    Kristy - Oh no, I'm a terrible Mum and did start using nail varnish remover, but it ran out. And because I was so worried about his skin, I then washed him down with my very favourite (and expensive) L'occitane shower oil and slathered him in moisturiser. Which totally made up for the initial fail.

  7. Oh blimey!!!! A large drink would definitely be required after a day like that!