Going 'Home'

A funny thing happens when you grow up, the place you have called home for, well, ever, changes.

For me it didn't change until I met M and we moved in together. Before that I had always lived in houseshares with strangers, and really then only one room feels like yours if anything. It never felt like home.

When we got our first place, we made that home. It was private. It had our things. It's where we started to build a little life together. From that moment on I referred to London as home, not the place I grew up. That became 'Mum's house'. What else to call it? What do you call the place you grew up?

I spent the best part of my childhood in a small town in Somerset. We moved there from somewhere quite different, and this new place was full of things we hadn't had enough of until then. It was green, with fields and countryside and animals and big skies and cobbled streets. I liked living there, but only now can I really appreciate it. When you're 14 you don't care about trees and open spaces so much, do you?

We took Sachin a few weeks ago, for country walks and time with friends and babies and family and our Cat. 

Seeing this place through his eyes made me realise... It's really quite a special little place. Those big, green open spaces are very good for a person. All the greenery. There's been a bit of an upgrading going on too - lots of little shops with vintage wares and sewing classes and local artists, perched on those pretty cobbled hills.

So that's my other home. And I need to visit a lot more.


  1. I love Somerset. Here's hoping I get to make it my home soon. :)

    Having referred to both Trinidad and England as home for a few years now, I'm convinced that one can have as many homes as one's heart has room for.

  2. Utterly charmed by your photos.

    Wherever I happen to be living with DJ is home, my parents' house is home, and Brasil is home. So yes, however many you can fit in your heart sounds right. :)

  3. It looks beautiful. You were probably just the wrong age then. Now you're all old and young enough to enjoy it.