Today, Sachin turns two.

It's been coming a while. Well, it's been coming since his last birthday (duh), but for the past few weeks we've really felt it.

To M - 'Can you believe he is TWO?!'

We turn and watch him. Talking, playing, being all grown up like only a two year old can be. Like only someone who is being watched through the eyes of the people who have known him all his life, can seem.

The thing is, is that we remember everything like it was yesterday. Wasn't I pregnant with him just last month? Wasn't he born like, 5 minutes ago? All of the versions of him we've been lucky enough to have so far, are so fresh and etched into us, that it just feels impossible. Impossible that two years ago today, at 9.40am, the three of us met each other for the first time.

These memories are both so fresh that they feel new, so deep they feel life long.

The cliche of time flying never becomes more used, more felt, than when you are watching someone's days, weeks, months, turn into years. We have watched this little human being become a person. We have helped this little person put in to motion the wheels of who he will become.

And everyday he becomes more and more wonderful. Astonishing, really.

We've been asking him these past few days;

'How old are you Sachin?'
' Two minutes!'
'Nearly...' we encourage.
After thinking about it, ' Two old!' he says confidently.

Close enough baby, close enough.

Happy Birthday my darling boy x


  1. <3

    Happy birthday, little one!

  2. Happy birthday to your wonderful little man. My daughter turns three next month. I've no idea how that happened!!!

  3. such a beautiful post. i still can't believe he's two. Although that seems like such a long time a go, i can't ever imagine a time with him not being a part of us.

  4. This is beautiful. Happy (belated) birthday, Sachin!

  5. Aw, this is so lovely. I hope you're enjoying having a two-year-old, and that he's enjoying his new home.