This is the advent I made for us this year. I wanted something that would not be about 'stuff', but about us being together. M and I sat down and came up with 24 things to do every day, as a family. They are ridiculously simple things mostly, like hot chocolate and cookies in front of the fire, or taking a winter walk. I mean, I could totally pretend it's for Sachin, but we love cookies and hot chocolate as much as the next 2 year old! So far, so good. Sachin loves running up to the tree everyday and pulling down the number.

It was super easy to make (I'm lazy, what can I say) and mostly entailed typing and printing out the number and activities. We made a tree shape with green and white bakers twine held with pins, and Sachin and I had a glittery afternoon dipping pegs in glue and glitter. You could totally do a 12 days of Christmas too - there's still time!


  1. If I can get my act together, I might do a 12 days of Christmas. Too much going on for a full Advent calendar this year.

    Love your calendar, especially since it's things to do instead of silly plastic toys that will end up in the garbage within a week.

  2. Just commented on Pinterest- but I totally adore this and agree with your sentiment- YES to the simplicity and YES to it being about your fam, not stuff. (also snap for the branch and rosemary christmas crafting! we also have a huge rosemary bush in the garden- so great for crafting!)