1. A fault, blemish, or undesirable feature.
  2. The state of being faulty or incomplete.

I took this photograph last week of the roses I'd gathered from the garden. Last night I uploaded it, and stared at it for a while. It was really bugging me. See that tiny brownish spot on the petal on the right? It's all I could see. The pink was perfect sure, the petals look so soft with perfect ruffled edges yes, BUT THAT BROWN SPOT IS THERE AND IT WON'T STOP LOOKING AT ME.

I stopped what I was doing and got on to something else. I came back to it today, and still, there it was. 

Inner monologe:
'Maybe I'll keep the photo, call it something like perfect imperfection. Haha, how clever of me.'

And then I started thinking about imperfection. When those flowers were in that vase, full of life and cheering up that corner of the house everyday, I didn't notice that tiny brown spot one bit. I kept them there until the petals fell to the floor and they were just dead stems, ready to be thrown out. 

I sit at this computer and every image I upload I study them and seek out the things that I deem imperfect, and go about erasing it. I'm conscious of trying not to do too much, but I do it nonetheless. And why? Because I'm so used to seeing perfect, unblemished images all the time? Maybe. Because I'm just a bit of a perfectionist in general? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, time to stop.

That little brown spot isn't a fault, blemish or undesirable feature. It doesn't make the rose faulty or incomplete. It's just nature taking it's course. And that's pretty perfect, isn't it?


  1. I'm just ever so glad that you're blogging again.

  2. I think this picture is amazing and far from imperfection.

    But I am a perfectionist and have been known to spend hours rearranging things till they are just right. It's amazing though how it just affects certain things.

    But maybe I will try to stop too...

  3. Ah yes, I do this too! With everything! The best things are always imperfect though... perfection is overrated. i think the brown spot brings out the pink a little more :)