Three years ago, in the depths of winter, on the shortest day and the longest night of the year, we got married.

I love this time of year generally, but now, winter solstice has an added meaning for us. An extra burst of light and joy in this seasonally dark month. An added layer of reflection, even more reasons to be thankful.

Tonight we will be celebrating with food, wine, laughter, each other. And it being the longest night of the year will seem like the bestest thing of all! 

Happy Anniversary, husband.

Photograph via We Heart It


  1. Awwwwww!

    Happy anniversary, you two! xx

  2. Happy anniversary... that's a good reason for extra Christmas cheer! (Cute pic too!)

  3. Awww. A belated happy anniversary to you. xxx

  4. And a very happy anniversary to you both.

  5. You were the cleverest for ensuring such a lovely celebration on the darkest day and I never clued on to the positive of the shortest day: longest night! For celebrating or even just for sleeping... Happy anniversary! We have all exciting things I love at once. Both birthdays, anniversary, summer, christmas, new year and so the rest of the year is spread thin with 'special' days. Might have to plan on some winter babies if/when the time comes?