To do:

{Image: The Elegant Abode via The Kitchn. Click the photo for a great bar starters guide, too}

So I did the deep and reflective post on the coming year, now time for all the little things which I have resolved will make this year all kinds of awesome.

1. Build a good home liquor stash
It seems I'm not alone in this new years resolution, if the ladies of twitter are anything to go by (and they are). There is just something very grown up about having some good, tasty, hard liquor in the house, which you intend to drink in moderation*. I mean come on now, I'm not 18 anymore. A cider and black just won't cut it. What's your favourite grown up drink? I'm a rum kind of girl.

2. Print more photographs
So, I take a lot of photographs. I mean, thousands. It's stupid really, and another of my resolutions really needs to be to self edit more. But in the mean time, what I really need to do is actually print the Goddamn things and fill our house with all these memories that I lovingly take and edit and then leave on the hard drive. For shame. Also included in this resolution is the need to start and finish Sachins baby books. Before he turns 18.

3. Grow stuff
Last year, I feebly tested the 'growing stuff' waters. We ended up with lots of herbs, some salad, a few tomatoes and some strawberries. This year I'm going to really get my hands dirty and plant so that we can have an abundance of fresh food this summer. Wish me luck. Oh and all tips gratefully recieved!

4. Read. Lots.
I have always loved to read. Probably because I spent a good part of my childhood in a library - I mean it was free and full of amazing places to escape to, my Mum knew a good day out. Since having Sachin though, reading has taken a back seat. Mostly because when I do get time to read, I'm so tired that as soon as my eyes hit the page, the words wash over and calm and...yep, send me to sleep. But I'm a lot more awake now (thank God, I mean he's two!) and in the past month alone have read three whole books. I might blog about them a bit too.

5. Learn to knit.
Ok so this one is a bit of a funny one. Because you see, I did learn to knit. My friend came over and taught me the basics and left me with the needles and the wool and I practiced over and over until I got a whole test square perfect. Then I meant to go buy more wool, and didn't. And now I've forgotten how to do it. So I need to learn again, then actually do it.

So by my reckoning, this will mean that by the end of the year I will be:

A woman drinking rum, in a house filled with memories that made it onto the walls, whose eaten lots of home grown produce, sat next to a massive pile of books (all of them read), wearing a wooly hat created with her own bare hands.

What are your fun things to do this year?

*you know, most of the time.


  1. im with you on the knitting. you wouldthink that someone with a textiles degree, specialising in constructed textiles, *might* have a clue, but nada. i've tried it so many times but my needles end up flying across the room in a rage.
    also, the growing things. I started it last year, but it wasnt amazing. my greatest tip on that would be to start early, especially if youre planting from seed. And given that you now live much further north than you did last time you grew things, start easy this year, choose plants that like cold. dont try to get a kiwi going in the frozen north. or something.
    good luck! xx

    1. You have a textiles degree? That a) is awesome, and b) explains why you pin such brilliant stuff on Pinterest. Also, this makes me feel much better about not getting the knack! Cool, will start early (indoors to then move out after last frost?)

  2. I'm off to have caipirinhas this weekend at an excellent cocktail bar in London and I'm SO FREAKIN EXCITED. The whole good liquor at home for making a good cocktail whenever needed is such a good thing to do.

    My other things for this year? Finally put our art on the walls, instead of leaning on the floor/in the box where they've sat since we moved in 18 months ago. Put together some photo albums. Take a shit ton of photos and learn how to use all our cameras and kit properly. Throw at least 3 parties at our house. Dance a lot. :)

    1. DANCE A LOT. This is going on my list. Although, without carnival it won'r be as much as you, I fear ;)

  3. I don't get knitting and I'm glad i am not the only one. I follow the instructions and everything but some how everything ends up in a knot!

    And I have a small collection of spirits gowing on a random small table in my lounge{really need to find a proper home for them}. People don't know what to get us so buy us a spirit, obviously we look like the sort of people who drink a lot! :)

    1. Ha, I think it's official term is 'people who look like they know how to have a good time'?! I'm seeing a trend for people who want to knit but can't...

  4. Hendricks gin and tonic is my grown-up drink :) And I'm will you on the sophisticated booze stash (I ruined it by calling it booze right?)... I'm currently thinking of remodelling an old dusty cupboard so we can put our drink in there. Hmm and yes on the printing out photos... I almost never do that nowadays!

    1. I wish I liked Gin, but for me it's just a *bit* too grown up. Ooh if anyone could make a gorgeous booze cabinet it would be you! I look forward to seeing it on your blog soon, right?

  5. My big sister spent boxing day teaching me how to knit - I was taught by my grandfather when I was a little girl.
    Can I recommend you go for big needles and thick wool. That way you get more for your effort in a shorter amount of time. Also needles that are too long are harder to handle. My initial knitting attempts have been a bit trial and error but the good thing is that you can unpick and start again.
    Good luck with it all.

    Oh and rather than print more pictures could you blog more pictures? I miss them. And speaking of printed pictures I have some of yours on the wall opposite my bed so I see them every morning :)

  6. I still owe you a photo of my laundry room liquor shelf. :) And, just for giggles, I might try to get together all my Orla Kiely stuff so you can see just how much I have. (It's a little ridiculous.)

    I should add knitting to my "things to learn to do" list. My grandma taught me how once upon a time ago, but I think I was about 9 and I haven't tried to do it since. I can crochet, which I find a little less intimidating (even though I'm rubbish at keeping even tension in the yarn), but sometimes I prefer the way a knitted scarf or hat looks. If I start trying to learn again, I'll let you know how I get on.