Love Ever After

"Everyday my wife expresses her love for me. She says, did I tell you how much I love you today? Everyday. Everyday she says that."  Moe Rubenstein, August 24, 2008.   
My little sister shared a link to this project by Lauren Fleishman, and I was blown away. This is a project about love - that very special kind of love that spans decades and is worked at and treasured.

Lauren says of the project: 'Love Ever After will share the love stories of couples who have been married for at least 50 years. Inspired by a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother during World War II (and rediscovered after he passed away in 2007), I began photographing and interviewing couples in the New York area as a way to preserve their stories and to illuminate our universal experience of love.'

'You know, I had never thought of him romantically! He looked at me the way a man who has just come out of the army would look at a sexy woman.'
Sheila Newman, Flatlands, Brooklyn.

Lauren is looking for funding to complete the project, and turn the stories and photographs of the couples she has met into a book. We don't buy gifts for Valentine's in our house, buy I would *very* much love a donation to fund this project as a gift to or from a loved one. The gift of preserving and celebrating real love stories? That is special.

To read more about the project and donate, click here.

To see more woks from this and other, take a look at Lauren's website.

All work by Lauren Fleishman.


  1. this video put a lump in my throat--what a lovely idea and totally inspiring with Valetines day tomororow!

  2. What a beautiful project.

    I can't even bring myself to watch the video, the photos alone are so moving. I'd lose it if I watched the video, I just know it.

  3. impulse funded - in honour of my grandparents married almost 60 years & our upcoming nuptials! thanks for the heads up on such a beautiful project!

  4. This is such a lovely project/post, thanks for sharing

  5. Oh I love these so much... they totally reminded me of this video: (which I've just spent 10 mins frantically searching for as I'd forgotten the name of it!) If you watch it, you need tissue btw!!