The magic hour

SPOILER ALERT: Sometimes, being a parent is hard. Some days, you're sleep deprived, your house is covered in an explosion of brightly coloured blocks and cheerios, and you feel like your child's only reason for living is to test you. Normally on these days, there will be tears, tantrums and the throwing of things. Sometimes them, sometimes you. 

But. BUT. I have a secret. No matter how hard the day has been, there is without fail, one part that will miraculously render the memory of the previous hours null and void. 

BATH TIME. In our house, this is the magic hour. No matter how close we have been to killing each other minutes before, the call of 'bath time!' does something. On very bad days, I have been known to run a bath at 3pm. On very bad days, we have stayed there, swimming in that water, for hours. We wash the day off. We play. We sing. We talk and laugh and without fail, we are happy.


  1. Never mind the spoiler! Posts like this should come with a warning that they might make non-broody people feel a bit broody!! Gorgeous pics my dear, what a cutie too :)

  2. Zoe is right--the broody feeling is creeping up on me the more I look at these photos--which are gorgeous by the way!

  3. Bath. Time. How many hours did we spend in the tub? So many. So many. What a cute little one.

  4. <3

    I hope, when we have kids, that we have a magic hour like this. That would be better than that hour immediately after they're tucked in bed. ;)