And just like that, our baby turned Three.

For the first time we celebrated his birthday just the three of us. After a busy few months of travelling and being surrounded by friends, it felt like a quiet day would suit.

The night before, while S was sleeping, we snuck in to fill his room with balloons. He woke up the next morning and came to the door as he always does (he has a stair gate on it so he can't get out) called for us, and barely registered they were there. We all went and sat amongst the balloons and woke up a little.

My little sister was staying and left after we'd opened presents and cut the cake. The boys and I wrapped up warm and headed out, somewhere new we could explore and get a little lost together. We got two trains and a bus and arrived a big country house. It had an amazing adventure playground that was completely empty except for us. He threw himself into everything - the high rope bridges, big slides, tunnels. He seemed a little braver after turning three. 

M and I spent the day as we usually do on his birthday, discussing our disbelief that years are now passing since he came into the world. We talked about the night I went into labour, the morning he was born. Re-visiting the story with tears and giggles, as I hope we will do forever more. As much as a celebration it is of Sachin, it's a celebration of us, too.

It was a really good day.


  1. Happy birthday to your gorgeous little man xxx

  2. That t-shirt is perfection. Actually, it sounds like the whole day was perfection- I want to go on those rope bridges!

    Happy birthday, little boy! (And mama!)

  3. Sounds like the perfect birthday! That playground looks fun for any age. I wonder if there's something similar near me... :)

  4. happy (belated) birthday to your adorable boy :)