THE SCENE: Last night, my husband and I in bed, lights off, ready to sleep. Out of the silence, my husband pipes up with this fascinating insight into what he really thinks about in those quiet, contemplative moments.

Husband: "Imagine a life size replica of yourself, made entirely of kebab meat. You could eat yourself!"

We go back and forth discussing the pros and cons of 'kebab meat people'. Talking about the various anatomical parts, where the chilli sauce would go etc.

Me: "I'd rather a life size replica of myself made out of cheese. A wheel of Brie for the head, a wedge of Stilton for the body, cheesestraws for arms and legs, babybel for hands and dairy lea for feet. BOOOM."

Sometimes you just have to talk about the important things, ya know?

Photograph of cake toppers designed by Kate Blake