Princess Alyssabeth's Belated Birthday

Yesterday I turned 28. Here are some random thoughts about that, because,ya know, WHY NOT.

  • Waking up to your son screaming 'I've done a POO POO' and knowing this will be your first act as a 28 year old is less than desirable. 
  • Eating homemade croissants with excess amounts of cheese for your birthday breakfast is, however, very desirable. 
  • No matter how old you are, the urge to scream 'BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!' whilst stomping, never goes away.
  • Your 3 year will not give a shit when you scream 'BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!' whilst stomping. 
  • Your 3 year old will refuse to believe its your birthday unless there are balloons. Nothing will change his mind.
  • Cake FTW. Always and forever.
  • Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to say 'Fuck it, I'll do what I want'. Yesterday that meant watching Wall-E at 10am.
  • You will cry when watching Wall-E at 10am.
  • You will also cry at the delight on your child's face at being swung around whilst dancing to Wall-E.
  • There are definitely lines on your forehead that were not there the day before. When you were only 27.
  • Your birthday just wouldn't be your birthday without a phone call from your Mum telling you about the day you were born. And you cry, again.
  • Building a den is a brilliant birthday activity, regardless of age.
  • Without very lovely friends and family, it don't mean a thing.
  • On a similar note, marrying a guy who brings home steak, wine, flowers and bath treats and sweeps your 3 year old away for as long as you wish, is worth his weight in gold.
  • You told yourself you didn't like 27 because PAH who does like uneven numbers? Today you realise it probably has more to do with moving closer to 30.
  • Yay! You just got wiser! Being 28 totally paid off.
If you are also celebrating a birthday, only tell me if you're older than me ok? *Otherwise I'm not interested. 

*joke. Sort of.

Photo by Lissy Elle Laricchia. Go and look please because her work is so unbelievably magical I want to stare at it forever.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Don't worry, 28 is a brilliant age (I got married at 28). I'm turning 36 this year, I know it's just a number but for some reason it's really bumming me out.

  2. happy belated birthday! i am such a stomper on my birthday--i suppose that little spoilt brat inside of me will never leave however hard i try ;)

  3. I'm so going to build a den for my birthday. On which I turn 29. (How am I so close to 30 already???)