We Are Equal

Yesterday was a very important day for England and Wales. Yesterday, we moved forward. Our future was shown to us and it looked brighter. Yesterday, the equal marriage bill was passed which means that same sex couples can legally marry. I shed a few tears of joy when the votes were read. 

Before that, I shed tears as it was discussed in the House of Commons for different reasons. There is was so much wrong with this process; a room full of (mostly) middle aged men, some extremely bigoted, presumably few who are gay, deciding on the future liberty of LGBT men and woman clearly isn't the best scenario. BUT. The outcome was right. 

In my lifetime this is the biggest thing to happen for civil rights. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know that ANYONE CAN LEGALLY DECALRE THEIR LOVE IN FRONT OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND THE WORLD AND BE MARRIED. My Son is growing up in a world where you can marry whomever you love. We are equal.

It's not the end of the fight. Things won't change overnight I'm sure. But the wheels are in motion and we are on our way.

Yesterday was good, it made our tomorrow better.

Photography by The Long Haul Photo

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