What we read {for World Book Day}

In honour of world book day, which *almost* coincided with Sachin reading his first ever sentence this past weekend (I'm not emotionally ready to deal with that yet), I thought I'd share some of our current favourite books. M and I are big readers, and I suppose that made it sort of inevitable that Sachin would be too. Books are so special to me. I have so many memroies of days spent in the library when we were little (we were pretty poor, it was free and a great day out) getting lost in other worlds with new people. Since he was born we've always encourged him to pick them up, look at them, often lick them and  read aloud to him. It's one of our favourtie things. So here we go, a few of our current (and long standing) favourites.

These first two books are favourites by authors who feature heavily in our book rotation, and probably come as no surprise to anyone with kids.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy 

First up, Oliver Jeffers. Not only are all of his books sweet and smart, but they are also very beautifully illustrated. We have quite a few of his stories, but last week we got 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy!" from the library, and Sachin has requested it numerous times since. The story of a boy who starts to eat books, but wisely switches to reading them instead. I love the little details of illustration in this; each page is slightly collaged to with pages of old books. Other favourites we own are "Lost and Found" and "Up and Down", which revole around a boy and a penguin and their friendship. 

 The Snail and The Whale 
by Julia Donaldson
Secondly, it's Julia Donaldsons "The Snail and The Whale". We've had this book a longtime and it's still a pleasure to read. She has a great way of rhyming poetically and this is probably the best example of that. A snail hitches a ride on the back of a whale, and they travel the world. The snail realises how small she is in the grand scheme of things, but discovers that being small doesn't mean you can't make a difference. 
'And she gazed at the sky, the sea, the land,
The waves and the caves and the golden sand,
She gazed and gazed, amazed by it all,
And she said the whale, "I feel so small"

Other books of Julia's which we love; The Gruffalo, Superworm, Zog and Tabby McTat.

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles
by Tom McLaughlin

I saw this on Amazon and loved the fact that it didn't shy away from using complicated words. And really, diabolical is such a great word. Harry always wanted cat, but when Mr Tiddles arrives he gets more than he bargained for. There are some funny little details scattered throughout, including the horse named Alan which is never fails to amuse me.

Don't let The Pigeon Drive the Bus!
by Mo Willems
I bought this for Sachin for a few reasons; I love the illustration, it's simply written but funny and encourages interaction, and it's written by a Seaseme Street writer. It's brilliant. Sachin loves telling Pigeon he can't drive the bus and has often quoted "I never get to do anything!" Mo Willems has some other books too which I'd like to get, 'Don't let the pigeon eat a hotdog!' is probably next on the list for name alone.

Stanley's Stick
by John Hegley
  This was a gift from Sachins Grandma and it is lovely. A story about Stanley who plays imaginative games with a stick. It's written by John Hegley, a poet, and it shows. It's very lyrically written, which makes story time a pleasure. The illustration is also wonderful. One of Sachins favourites. 

I'm Not Cute
by Jonathan Allen

Sachin loves these books. There are a few in the series (we get then from the library) including 'I'm not Sleepy!' and 'I'm not Santa!' They're simple and easy to read and are all about a baby owl who thinks he's a little more grown up than he is. I particularly like this one just to hear Sachin walk around saying 'I'm NOT cute!' to himself. 

A Bit Lost
by Chris Haughton

We don't actually own this book, but some friends who we spent a week with did and Sachin requested it every night. That was last summer, and yesterday when we were in a book shop Sachin saw it, remembered it and requested we read it right away. It has to be a good book when a three year old still remembers it 7 months later... It's such a sweet book, with great graphics too.

These are just a few we love. Others include Dr Suess, I Want My Hat Back, Winnie The Pooh, the Funnybones series etc. What do you love to read together? Were always on the lookout for more good book suggestions, the more the merrier!

All artwork will take you through to a link to read more about the books.

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  1. Sach might still be a bit young for these, but I always loved the Mrs Piggle-Wiggle series. In fact, I snatched up a few of them when I found them at a second-hand book shop a while back. And then I re-read them. The Poky Little Puppy was also a favorite, and all the Richard Scarry books.