Where for art thou, Spring?

Look, I know I bemoaned the awful weather we've been having lately only a few posts ago, and that was far more eloquent than what this is going to be. BUT SERIOUSLY WEATHER, WHAT THE HELL? Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring. It is cold and grey (still) and more snow is supposedly coming (again) and all I can't think about is flying away to a tropical island and hiding there for about a year. 

I've actually started to visualise lying on a beach with a cocktail, the heat almost too much to bear and the smell of skin warmed by the sun. I love that smell. Or the moment you step off a plane into that heat that makes you catch your breath for a second as it surrounds you, making you shut your eyes whilst they adjust to the dazzling light, tipping your head back towards the source. Now I'm imagining I'm this chick, lying in a field of sunshine, whilst the sunshine beams down and all there is is sunshine. I think the Vitamin D deficiency is getting to me.

Beautiful, escapist photography by Amanda Friedman

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