Getting my Mum on the gif train, CHOO CHOO.

Recently I've made everyone I know and hold dear to me move messaging over to Telegram. This is partly to do with (PSA) how clean, quick and superior to whatsapp it is, but also because IT SUPPORTS GIF. If I love you, you'll have been gif spammed by me at some point in our recent history. Also Twitter now supports inserting gif directly so I think it's obvious, gif is where it's at. I was so on brand with my 2016 goals y'all *nail varnish emoji*

So it made sense that I needed to get my Mum involved. She was born to gif, guys. I just knew it. Like cookies and milk, jelly and ice cream, my Mum and gif was a combo my world needed.

We got off to a slow start after a few failed attempts at remembering her Apple ID password. This happens a lot. I even wrote it in the note sections of her phone for her for these such occasions. It always reminds me of one of my very favourite Amy Schumer sketches.

But once we conquered that hurdle, there was no stopping us!

There is a Twitter account I used to love, where some asshat of a kid had taught their Dad that writing a tweet was actually the search google box. This was just like that. But I held strong guys! I knew she could do this. I sent support the best way I knew.

Ok, let's try again.

You got this Mum. And also, You may need to HURRY UP BECAUSE I HAVE 1% BATTERY.

I held my breath. 

She did it! Now, there was no stopping her.
I mean, it doesn't *always* make sense.
and sometimes it's a little bit off base...
But like I said, there is no stopping her.

I love my Mum. 

I hope I can rock whatever the gif equivalent will be when I'm nearing 60. 



  1. This cracked me up. Go Laura's mum!

  2. I think I'm going to be out giffed :(

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