This is not how I woke up, but it's how I look now {on beauty part 2}

Following on from my little chat about all things beauty, I thought I'd go totally teen mag and share my favourite beauty things with you. Just pretend I'm famous, or a blogger with followers or something *sunglasses emoji*

These are items I have repeat purchased, more than once. Which means I love them. And FYI, I have mostly ok, dehydrated skin which suffers redness and can be on the sensitive side.


Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
This is my absolute favourite, desert island item. There is something about the scent and the texture which is just pure comforting magic to me. Its a gel which when massaged in turns to an oil and then when mixed with water turns into a kind of milk. See? Magic! I always use a flannel but you could wash this off if you're that way inclined.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
I have my Mum to thanks for this. My Mum, who it should be stated never really cleanses and will only use a very cheap unctuously plastic smelling moisturizer. But she detected mine and my sisters love for this stuff early and thanks to a relatively short-lived QVC habit, she found this. It's been a staple ever since, particularly good for winter as it's rich and creamy. A really lovely floral scent too, made to be flanneled off. (Side note: I also love the brightening mask for a really nice pick me up)

The Body Shop Chamomile cleansing balm
Apparently I have a thing about cleansers, huh? This one is gorgeous. A balm that dissolves into a lovely oil as you rub it in with a faint chamomile smell, made to be flanneled off. Not ridiculously expensive either so bonus.

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil
I love this stuff so much. I actually don't have any at the moment after running out so writing about it is making me inwardly weep for a bottle. It smells like the best massage you've ever had and putting this on before bed is pure luxury. They make 3 different oils for different skins fyi.

L'occitaine Almond Shower Oil
My very favourite shower product. My husband bought this for me as a surprise 'first pregnancy' treat and it's one the best gifts he's ever given me. (second was a box of cheese). I love oils for everywhere and this is nourishing and nutty and deeply comforting. There's a theme here, isn't there?

Korres Japanese Rose Showergel
Like washing is deeply scented rose petals. Not flowery as such, but more noir. If that makes sense.

I know some people hate Lush. I am not one of them. But even if you are, give this a shot! It's unisex and not as sweet as you would imagine a honey scented wash to be. Plus if you wash your kids in this then for a full 10 minutes after when they are still clean you can pretend they are cherubs.

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath
This is a proper 'only with disposable income' buy - it's £42 ffs! And the reality is that I haven't had a bottle since my Mum worked in a spa and got a huge discount. But I still think of it so I'm adding it. Plus, you might be loaded. In it's favour is size, it's a massive bottle and you actually only need a capful, a direction I never usually regard by in this case it's true. It's one of the most beutifully scented products I've ever used. It's deeply nourishing for those with anything like dry skin. Wonderful on Excema. Here a total life hack for you though - Mandara Spa is a brand of products made by it's parent company, Elemis. They make an extremely similar product called Honeymilk Dream Softening Bath Milk for less than 1/4 of the price which is what I use as a substitute. So, yeah. Get that?


Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer
My sister introduced me to this. Such a good everyday concealer - not too heavy, you can wear it under the eyes and on spots, it's easy to use and comes with a built in brush applicator. Winning. 

Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation
My holy grail foundation. Medium coverage, very light scent that isn't too noticeable, and doesn't settle in the cracks. You but better.

love cream blusher. It's probably my one must have item, along with mascara and a lip balm. So, top 3 then. Topshop cream blushers are brilliant in formulation, good colours and cute packaging. I've mentioned Pulse here because for me it's the best thing at making me look alive and glowy without any glittery-ness or sparkle. It's actually quite lacking in colour, you just need to trust me. I also have Neon Rose which is awesome. Now Topshop seem to have NO CREAM BLUSHERS online *screaming emoji*  and it's agggges since I set foot in a real life Topshop but I'm urging you to go forth and find one. I've also heard brilliant things about the Everything Sticks, so you could always try that instead and let me know.

NARS Laguna and Bourjois Bronzing Powder Medium 51
Very similar, although obviously Nars in more spendy. Not glittery or orange in any way. They give a sunkissed or 'not dead yet' look, depending on the day.

Just the most flattering bronzed/brown eye kohl ever. Sexy but not in your face.

I haven't had this for a while and writing this list made me remember how much I love and miss it. Another 'look alive' product to wear alone of mix with foundation. Again, comforting and looking alive products seem to be my favourites.

Honourable mentions: Urban Decay Naked PalatteBenefit They're Real, Bobbi Brown metallic eyeshadow in oyster grey, Nars  Radiant Creamy Concealer

Share your favourite beauty stuff in the comments please, particularly good moisturizers. I'm a junkie who needs her fix!


  1. You have some great recommendations! I'm going to save my pennies & remember to ask you more about this stuff.

  2. This makes me want to smell nice. I'm still finding it hard to get it up for skincare to be honest, but i'm totally down with smelling nice.